††††††††††††††††††††December 2008††††††††††††††


††††††††††††††††† For the first time, we will be celebrating Christmas in our

†††††† childís home!!After two deployments this year, one to Bagram, Afghanistan,

††† and one to El Saleem AB, Kuwait, Matthew would like to enjoy spending the holidays at his home in Tucson, Arizona, and treating us to his hospitality.

Michael will join us from Little Rock, Arkansas, where he is in training for HC-130ís until spring.Then he will go to Moody AFB, Valdosta, Georgia, where we spent our first year in the Air Force during Buckís pilot training days.We celebrated Michaelís graduation from pilot training on August 8th at Corpus Christi, Texas, as his dad pinned on the 39 year old wings that he received at his own pilot training graduation.

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Buck continues to build and repair computers for family and friends, but takes time to play golf and make sure he schedules us a baseball trip in the summer with Academy classmate Marty Cole and wife, Claudia.Together, Buck and Marty have set a goal of seeing every major league baseball stadium in the US during their retirement years.

In October, we joined 250+ of Buckís Academy classmates for their 40th Reunion in Colorado Springs, CO.Many attended this reunion for the first time ever, and it was a superb event. Long time friends and squadron mates talked and took pictures galore, with 12 of Buckís pilot training classmates deciding to plan a 40th reunion for themselves in 2009.The great time that we had at this reunion just makes us anticipate our 45th High School Reunion planned for next April even more!!

†††††† As always, we are grateful for our family and friends and enjoy hearing from

††† †††each and every one of you.We wish you all good health and happiness in the

†††††† coming year, and look forward to hearing from you if you canít come by!







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