Mullis Cookout

Many thanks to Vanny & Susan Mullis, Chip & Babs Crane, and Billy Long (in Absentia) for hosting a great gathering on August 24, 2013 at the Mullis Compound at beautiful Beaver Creek. Classmates attending in addition to our hosts were Bonnie Baker Hamilton & Drew, Ira Bell, Sherry Brooks Williams & Floyd, Farris Cauthen (otherwise known as the Cradle Robber), Jennifer Etheridge (the Cradle Robbee), Nancy Evatt, Donald Graves & Lorna, Tommy Haynes, Pat Johnson Harper, Tom McCaskill & Dianne, Frankie Porter, Rick Renner, Nancy Williams Stokes & Tom, and Linda Carnes McCants & Ole What's-His-Name. Assorted other River Rats from other classes showed up, also. We all had a super time; see if you can locate who was having the BEST time!


L-R Rear: Frankie Porter, Eleanor Craig, Nancy Williams Stokes. Front: Tom Stokes, Chip Crane


L-R: Donald Graves, Pat Goldsmith, Ira Bell, Chip Crane, Vanny Mullis


Clockwise starting with Linda Carnes McCants (seated with foot in the air), Farris Cauthen, Pat Goldsmith, Pat's wife, Ira Bell, Susan Mullis, Babs Crane, Chip Crane, Donald Graves, ?, Tommy Haynes, ?, Jennifer Etheridge, Sherry Brooks Williams, Buck McCants, Vanny Mullis, Pat Johnson Harper


Same as previous picture with Rick Renner and Nancy Evatt on porch


Clockwise: Sherry Brooks Williams, Rick Renner, Floyd Williams, Nancy Evatt, Bonnie Baker Hamilton, Pat Johnson Harper


Same as previously identified


Lorna Graves and Vanny leading us in Shall We Gather at the River


Dianne and Tom McCaskill


Same as previously identified


Nancy Evatt and our host in all his glory!


I do believe Bonnie is having the best time!


Vanny (how did he get in here so often) and Drew Hamilton


Farris Cauthen, Buck McCants, Vanny,and Chip Crane in the foreground with Donald Graves lurking in the background