In Memoriam

Richard Larry Ray

December 26, 1945-June 11, 2008


OBITUARY: Charlotte Observer, June 12, 2008

Mr Ray, of Davenport, FL, formerly of Lancaster, SC, died on June 11, 2008. Born December 26, 1945, in Lancaster, son of the late Robert and Evelyn Ray, he is survived by his wife, Elaine of Davenport, FL; son, Todd Ray of Mailbu, CA; daughter, Thai Williams of Charlotte, NC; brothers Ron and Randy Ray of Columbia, SC. Memorial services will be held later in Lancaster.



"I saw Ricky Ray the Christmas before he died. I was at his aunt's house when he and Charles Furr came in. I knew Charles but didn't recognize Ricky. He said that they had given him 6 months. He was up to see everyone and to say goodbye. In junior high he had rheumatic fever, and I would go to take his assignments to his house and help him. That's when I really got to know him. He said that he had had a good life and was going to fight until the end. He died from cancer shortly after I saw him."

Submitted by Sherry Brooks Williams


Ricky and I met when we were in Jr. High.  We were regulars at the Hi Fi Skating Rink in Lancaster and saw each other there most weekends and some week nights.  We became sweethearts and went to the 7th grade party together.  He was my first sweetheart.  He, his cousins Mickey Talbert and Charles Furr, myself and Linda Williams Dennis would hang out together and ride around in the summer months.  Once we went to high school we grew apart and weren’t as close but were always good friends.  I only heard from him a few times after graduation and saw him at a couple of reunions and sorta lost contact.  It saddened my heart to hear of his illness and his death.  Ricky was a special guy and had a wonderful genuine smile that was contagious.  He left behind a very special wife and family and he will be missed. 

Submitted by Judy Shehane Hinson


Played baseball with Ricky. He was small, but he was tough!

Submitted by Wayne Henry, '62