The idea that I build a class website was proposed to me (halfway in jest, I think) by our classmate Lucy Hamilton Lewis in late 2007.Too much golf, computers, and other things (read laziness) led me to kick that can down the road--repeatedly.The can stopped getting kicked due to our 45th reunion.

I had not been able to attend a high school reunion since our 10th one until the 40th (really 41st) reunion in 2005. It was such a pleasure seeing so many classmates that I resolved to not only make sure that I was at the next one, but to also help with it. After Linda and I moved back here in 2006, helping with the reunion was much easier. So partially to fulfill that pledge to assist with the next reunion, and partially to get certain classmates (who will remain unnamed) off my back for not attending or helping to organize past ones, I tested the water. I asked a couple of 40th Reunion Committee members, Beth Sowell Baker and Julia Cauthen Henry, what they thought of having a 45th reunion. Both thought it was a good idea, and we were off and running. When I polled about 70 classmates in June 2008 about their interest in a 45th reunion, I also asked about a class website. The response to both was very enthusiastic, and so here we are.

In July 2008 this site ( was registered and I began soliciting ideas and inputs. This is my first website, and although I'm a very experienced computer user, the learning curve was very steep. My thanks to my AF Academy classmate, Pat Russell, for his invaluable advice and assistance.Thanks, also, goes to Linda for her very helpful opinions on layout, color schemes, etc, and for her patience as I was practically joined at the hip to this computer for long periods of time. For what you like about the website, send kudos to them; blame me for all that you don't like.

During construction of the web pages on this site, only Microsoft Internet Explorer was used for testing. The pictures on this site are optimized for web pages and if downloaded and then copied may not produce a very good print. If you would like a higher resolution file, please let me know and I'll be happy to email you one.

My intent in building the website is, and always will be, to bring us closer together as a class. I view it as a vehicle for enhancing our communication with each other, to help close that 40+ year gap since graduation, to simply help us to better stay in touch. I look forward to all of your comments, suggestions, photos, and materials submitted that will help make this website "Our World".