Betty Ruth Haile Lucas




Name/Email Address:  Betty Haile Lucas / bhlucas at comporium dot net

Marital Status/Spouse’s Name:  Married/ Hazel E. Lucas

Children/Grandchildren:  2 children; Lorie and Tim/ 4 grands; Joel 24, Adam 21, Kylie 9, Brianna 7

Occupation:  Manage office for my husband’s business- Lucas Roofing

College/Professional Training: Business at USC-L, Communications officer at SLED

Military Service(Details, Combat Tour?):  N/A

Own Business? (Name, Website):  Lucas Roofing

Hobbies/Interests:  Renovations and decorating our beach house

Published a Book? (Name):  Haven’t written one yet, but I have always said that I could write a book on all the jobs I have had during my life

Favorite Books/Authors:  

Favorite Songs/Musicians:  60s music

Favorite Movies:  Dirty Dancing, Harry and the Hendersons, E.T.

Best Vacation Ever:  Two week trip to Emerald Isles and London, Scotland, Rome, Italy

Favorite Memory of High School: I loved Senior High and all the friends I made

Proudest Moments of My Life: Going to USC-L  after being out of school for 17 years

Things I Would Like My Classmates to Know:  I hope all my classmates appreciate the fact that we went to school during the best times ever. We had a beautiful school that was not overcrowded and great teachers. I would give anything if my grandchildren had the same opportunities as we did. They are missing out on so much! I plan on attending our 45th Reunion;  but if something happens  and I am unable to attend, I wish you all the best of the best.