Chesterfield Avenue Grammar School May Day 1953


King- Richard Plyler

Queen-Maude Plyler

Front Row, L-R: Don Taylor, Lanez Gordon, Don Parker, Julia Cauthen Henry, Ira Bell, Nancy Williams Stokes, Billy Long

Second Row, L-R: Danny Shute, Libby McCowan, Robert McDow? Julia Bethea Cain, Kathy Ferguson Hegler, Margaret Alice Bell?, ?, Jane Duncan Smith, Jimmy Clark

Perhaps the students in the background are the children of "The Little Old Lady Who Lived In The Shoe"



Don Parker is the Train Bearer

Rick Gaskin is Humpty Dumpty Sitting On the Wall, which is actually an upright piano.

There is a row of "flowers" standing in front of all the students assembled alongside the school. Saundra LaFoy Hager (long ruffled dress) is the only one with we can positively ID.