Barto Craig Robinson, Jr




Name/Email Address: Craig Robinson/ T123banker at aol dot com

 Marital Status/Spouse’s Name: Married to Becky Miller for 41 years.

Children/Grandchildren: Children:  Tripp –38, Patrick –32./ Grands:   Mason – 11, Avery- 8, Koribin –7,  Cooper – 18  months

Occupation: Banker, Bank of America – 30 years; First Citizens Bank & Trust – 5 years; Pinnacle Bank – 2 years                               

College/Professional Training: University of South Carolina – BS;  LSU School of Banking; East Carolina University – Commercial Loan School                                      

 Military Service(Details, Combat Tour?): N/A

Own Business? (Name, Website): N/A

Hobbies/Interests: Golf – Anytime;   Lake Hartwell House in Anderson, S.C.

Published a Book? (Name): N/A

Favorite Books/Authors: most anything by John Grisham            

Favorite Songs/Musicians: “Paris” anything by Jimmy Buffett and Beach Music

Favorite Movies:  Raising Arizona

Best Vacation Ever: Summers at Garden City with my family – all of them!!  Love it

Proudest Moments of My Life: My marriage, my children, my grandchildren, my business successes along with my community services that made a difference                  

Things I Would Like My Classmates to Know: That I have been truly blessed with a career I enjoyed, children that I love and am proud of, grandchildren I can spend time with, being married to the love of my life and the ability to retire relatively young so we can travel and spend quality time with my family. 

I don’t get to Lancaster very often now that Becky’s and my parents are deceased but I have fond memories of great times and all the people I grew up with who are like no other we have met along the way.

Becky and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in April and talking about the “good old days.”  I still cannot believe that it has been 45 years because it seems like yesterday!!!!!!!!!




Craig and Becky 




Tripp's Family

Wendy, Mason (standing), Avery, Tripp, Korbin


Patrick's Family

Aimee, Patrick, Cooper



Craig and the boys





Craig and Grandkids at his retirement