David Tillman Oldies


Herman Steele and David Tillman



Dallas Petty, Sam Petty, David Tillman


Sherry Brooks



On the Way to Beaver Creek

L-R: Jerry Vaughn, Mike Johnson, Craig Robinson, Clyde Barrineau



1959 Football State Championship

One team member, our classmate Jimmy McGuirt, was an 8th grader!




Piano Recital, 1958

L-R: Russell Smith, Dolly Player, Brenda Moore, Betsy Finley, Paulette McAlister, Nancy Evatt




Front, L-R: ?, ?, Russell Smith, David Tillman

2nd Row, L-R: Nancy Evatt, Betsy Finley, Helen Smith, Brenda Moore, Jennifer Starr, Lynn Crawford

3rd Row, L-R: ?, Paulette McAlister, Marsha Goodwin, Sherry Brooks, ?

4th Row, L-R: Margaret Bell, Becky Adkins, Slyvia Gregory, Judy Cantrell, Patsy Sowell, Bonnie Sowell, Linda Williams, Ann Glover




Erwin Farm 6th Grade

1st Row, L-R: Keith Copeland, Betsy Finley, Kenneth Hinson, ?, Patsy Catoe, Pat Barton, Russell Smith, Lynn Crawford, Kenneth Moree, Nancy Evatt

2nd Row, L-R: Mrs Bennett, Frankie Steen, Wayne Mangum, Russell Dixon, Alton Whitley, Ricky Baker, David Tillman, Jerry Adams, Pat Roberts, Jenny Adams, Dolly Player, Mrs. T.K. Cunningham

3rd Row, L-R: Paulette McAlister, ?, Gene McCants, Gerald McCants, Sherry Brooks, Jerry Vaughn, Sue Rollins, Malcolm Russell, Mike Johnson, Myra Helms