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Fun Memories

This is the place to share those memories of high school and the subsequent 40+ years since then. Tell us what you liked best about our Blue Hurricane world; even better, dig out those old pictures and other memorabilia, and let us see them! How about college in the sedate '60s? Not everyone went to an "all-boys school" and had short hair like your webmaster! Show us what your life was like then. How about when the kiddos (and us)were little? Show us those favorite vacation pictures, tell us all your war stories whether they are true or not. How about previous reunion pics or smaller gatherings of classmates?

Send it all to your friendly webmaster; he'll scan anything and promptly return.

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Senior Picnic (Thanks to Linda Melton)

Nancy Williams Stokes Memorabilia

The Spotlight Issues, Courtesy of Nancy Williams Stokes

Miscellaneous Oldies

These Will Take You Back A Few Years!

Mike Johnson's Oldies

Lettergirls ,'64 Flag and Senior Cheerleaders

Laney Goldsmith's Oldies

Susan Barber's High School Oldies

Susan Barber's Junior High Oldies

Susan's Really Old Oldies

David Tillman's Oldies

Susan Barber's Spotlights

Senior Picnic II- Saundra LaFoy Hager's Pics

Jimmy Helms' Oldies

Chesterfield Avenue Grammar School May Day 1953, Courtesy of Julia Cauthen Henry

*Ben Watkins Article, Courtesy of Brenda Carnes Fowler