Jack William Hunter, Jr




 Name/Email Address: Jack W. Hunter/ jwhunter at comcast dot net

Marital Status/Spouse’s Name: Married 37 years (Shirley), my best buddy

Children/Grandchildren: 3 Kids, boy/girl twins 32 Brandi & Scott, Jack Wayne 34, Granddaughter 3, Evelyn

Occupation: Electrical Contractor 40 years

College/Professional Training: Multiple Tech Schools, courses, etc

Military Service(Details, Combat Tour?): Drafted…. Joined SC National Guard 6 years

Own Business? (Name, Website): CEO, Hunter Brothers Electrical Corporation, Charleston, SC. Licensed 3 states, Performing Schools, Prisons, Hospital/Medical facilities. Buildings… Electrical Construction. No residential or commercial construction

Hobbies/Interests:  Captain men’s tennis team long time, President Street Rods Unlimited, Charleston Car Club 19 years, many years Private Pilot with Instrument Rating; fly mainly business. Avid car collector, classics, street rods, early big block performance cars from our time!!!

Published a Book? (Name): N/A

Favorite Books/Authors: N/A

Favorite Songs/Musicians:  Stones, all the old guys still out there

Favorite Movies:  don’t go to the movies, like Clubbing… Like my own home late with HBO and such

Best Vacation Ever:  Key West New Years Eve cruise with grown kids and family

Favorite Memory of High School: My best buddies…our cars..our girls…!!!!!!

Proudest Moments of My Life:  My wife, Shirley………kids count too……!!!!!

Things I Would Like My Classmates to Know:  I am happy, I am healthy, and look forward to living more and more. Life is great……!!!!!   I CANNOT MAKE THE REUNION…. I waited this late date…. Thinking I may work it out…. I have a same-weekend unavoidable conflict…. it is regrettable