Elizabeth Jean Grier Steele




Name/Email AddressLibby Grier Steele / jsteele47 at yahoo dot com

Marital Status/Spouse’s Name: Married/Johnny R. Steele

Children/Grandchildren: 2/4/2.5 Great Grands

Occupation: Financial Accounting Administrator  

Military Service(Details, Combat Tour?): Four Year Air Force Wife

Own Business? (Name, Website): None

Published a Book? (Name): Not Yet!

Favorite Books/Authors: Bible and Rick Warren

Favorite Songs/Musicians: Gospel and Contemporary

Favorite Movies: Cold Mountain and The Notebook

Best Vacation Ever: Visit to Amish Country

Favorite Memory of High SchoolThe great lessons learned from the wonderful teachers of our days in learning and the valuable lessons learned from my friends and fellow classmates.  All the experiences of student life that served to weave me into who I now am and will be in years to come. 

Proudest Moments of My Life: When I married Johnny, my children, grand children and great grands were born

Things I Would Like My Classmates to Know: I am happy and so blessed.  My life has been a wonderful journey filled with such a variety of experiences.  Some have been wonderful while others were sad.  I have been blessed with still having both my mother and father with me and in reasonably good health in spite of their 84 and 95 years of age.  Johnny and I have two wonderful girls one of which lives close by and the other almost a thousand miles away.  We have four fantastic grand kids and two great grand kids with one on the way.  Attempting to live life as God would have us has certainly added personality to our lives and we are proud of our personal accomplishments.  Having each of you classmates nearby either in miles or in memory is an added blessing we would never desire to give up.  To sum it up I want you to know I am HAPPY!