Richard Grover Renner, Jr




Name/Email Address: Rick Renner /rrenner1 at sc dot rr dot com, or rick at renner dot com

Marital Status/Spouse’s Name: Married/ Becky Renner

Children/Grandchildren: Richie Renner  - 18yrs old Senior at Irmo High School

Occupation: UNIX/Wintel System Admin for Computer Sciences Corporation

College/Professional Training: BS/ PSY, ASEET, MCSE

Military Service(Details, Combat Tour?): None

Own Business? (Name, Website):, real estate

Hobbies/Interests: computers, aviation, travel, real estate, internet marketing

Published a Book? (Name): not yet.

Favorite Books/Authors: Robert Lewis Men’s Fraternity

Favorite Songs/Musicians: Led Zeppelin, Allman Bros, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Favorite Movies: Godfather, Chevy Chase in Christmas vacation

Best Vacation Ever: Edisto past 10 years with family

Favorite Memory of High School: Friday Night Lights!

Proudest Moments of My Life: Marriage to Becky Watson Renner, Watching our son Richie come into this world and help him progress into manhood

Things I Would Like My Classmates to Know: Spent senior year at St Christopher’s in Richmond, VA, member of football team and was the largest player at 208lbs!

I was fortunate to have worked for several fortune 500 companies that allowed travel to Europe and all over the US

Some of you know my Dad and sister Marge - they both live in Columbia, SC

Lived in Ft Lauderdale, FL during the late eighties, Richie was born there

Have not retired, and actually enjoy working at this stage of my life (kinda crazy, huh?)

Richie is going to Clemson next year and I can’t wait to see him excel in computer science!

Thanks to Buck and all that have made this site possible, looking forward to April, and Vanny Mullis is still bald!

Richie Graduated in May 2013, is living in Raleigh, and is engaged to Crystal Vickers




Rick and Becky


Richie 2nd Grade


Richie 1998


Rollerblade Man


Mustang Lover


Senior Picture



Richie and Dad



Richie High School Graduation


Richie College Bound

Dorm Room


Clemson Graduation