Senior Class Picnic

May 1, 1964 Springs Park


Where are the Guys?

How many can you name?



A Public Display of Affection!

Can you believe it's the Senior Class Pres and Student Body Pres???


Finally, A Few More Guys

But why aren't they smiling?



Guys Outnumber the Girls!

A few new faces here. Notice Monty and Carol Martin Beaver dressed alike?



Girl-Boy Ratio: 2:1

Ewell, Jessie and Libby look particularly happy!



A Toast

To Vanny... No, to Buck!



Pretty As a Picture

Hi, Judy!


Still Kids

But how did they get down?


The 1964 Coke Machine

Hi, Betsy!


A Left Handed "How"?

Hi, Linda!


Time to Board the Bus

Linda Blackmon and her ukulele entertained all the way back to school!


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