Susan Barber's Junior High Oldies


Mug Shots

Betsy McConnell, Susan Dixon, Laney Goldsmith

Susan Barber, Mary Heath Harris


Billy Long, John Evans



Rolling On the River

Front: Susan Dixon, Justina Lasley

Back: Laney Goldsmith, Jennifer Starr, Mary Heath Harris, Lucy Hamilton


Front: Johnny Magill, Back, L-R: Vanny Mullis, Billy Long, Rick Renner


Back: Donna Jo Hendley, Susan Dixon, Jennifer Starr,?, Justina Lasley

Standing: Johnny Magill, Laney Goldsmith, Billy Long

Driving: Rick Renner; Sleeping: Vanny Mullis



Rice School Tornado



The Girls

Front: Becky Snipes, Betsy McConnell

Back: Laney Goldsmith, Mary Heath Harris, Susan Dixon, Lucy Hamilton, Justina Lasley



The Boys

Kneeling: Rickey Steele

Back, L-R: Billy Long, Chip Crane, Ricky Ray, Craig Robinson