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Class Roster

In alphabetical order below are the names of the LSHS Class of 1964 graduates as well as other class members who, for various reasons, did not graduate with us. Most in this category went to school with us for 10 or 11 years, and thus we consider them part of the class. Maiden names are used for female classmates.

Names of deceased classmates are in italics.

Click on the classmate's name to see their yearbook photo,recent photos, Classmate Information Sheet, and anything else that they want to share. The asterisk prior to the first name indicates that they have submitted information.

Email addresses are available for last names in blue. To send that classmate an email, click on the last name. A New Message window will appear with the address inserted. Type your message and send.

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Jerry Adams Patsy Adams Jenny Adams

*Bonnie Baker
*Donnie Baker
Douglas Baker
Jimmy Baker
Julian Baker
Marvin Baker
*Susan Barber
Buck Barfield
Kathy Barr
*Clyde Barrineau
Mike Barton

*Burgin Beal
*Monty Beaver
Toby Beckham
David Beecher
Ira Bell
*Anne Bell
*Diana Bell
Johnny Blackmon
Judy Blackmon
*Linda Blackmon
*Gerald Blackwell

Velvet Blackwell
Carolyn Bowers
*Kenneth Bowers
Robert Bradley
Gary Broach
*Wayne Broach
*Sherry Brooks
*Edward Broughton
Larry Broughton
Kenneth Brown
Nancy Bryant

Judy Carmina
*Brenda Carnes
*Linda Carnes
Wayne Carnes
Patricia Caron
Curtis Carter
Brenda Casey
*Eddie Caskey
Ira Caskey
Jay Caskey
*Jean Caskey

*Mary Elizabeth Catoe
*Patsy Catoe
*Patsy Causey
Billy Cauthen
*Farris Cauthen
Iris Cauthen
Jane Cauthen
*Julia Cauthen
*Ann Chappelear
Shirley Christmas
Pat Clark

*Frank Cody
Jeauwan Cooper
*Sonja Copeland
Evelyn Couick
Judy Craig
*Chip Crane
Lynn Crawford
Ewell Criminger
Loma Crook
Laura Cunningham

Sandra Dabney
*Jimmy Davis
Sandy Davis

*Linda Deason
*Judy Deaton
Dillon Denton

Susan Dixon
Kenneth Dover

Fred Earl
*Sharon Edwards

Michael Elliott
*Sylvia English

John Evans
*Nancy Evatt

Christine Fields
Betsy Finley

*Gene Flack
Becky Funderburk


*Ann Gainer
*Howard Gainer
Linda Galloway
Phoebe Gardner
*Rick Gaskin

Alana Ghent
*Evelyn Gibson
*Cecil Gleaton
*Laney Goldsmith
*Charles Goodman

*Donald Graves
*Libby Grier
T.R. Grier

*Betty Haile
*Judy Hall
*Lucy Hamilton
*Dian Hammond
*Mike Hammond
Sarah Hammond
*Danny Hance
Fred Harper
*Mary Heath Harris

Gary Hayes
Tommy Haynes
Brenda Hegler
Jimmy Helms
*Myra Helms
Randy Henry
*Joyce Hilton
Becky Hinson
Kenneth Hinson

Rusty Hinson
Tommy Holland
Fran Hunter
*Jack Hunter
*Linda Hunter
*Loana Hunter
Nancy Hunter

Marvin Jackson
*Mike Johnson

*Pat Johnson
*Ralph Johnson

Jimmy Jones
*Merry Jordan

*Nancy Kirk
Dickie Knight

Dianne Knight
Imogene Knight

*Wayne Koon

*Saundra LaFoy
Barbara Langley
*Justina Lasley
*Diana Ledbetter

Billy Locust
*Billy Long
*Phylis Lucas
*Sheila Lucas

*Joe Lynn

Donna Mahaffey
*Catherine Mangum
*Carol Martin
*Paulette McAlister
Frances McAteer
*Buck McCants
Gene McCants
*Gerald McCants
Thomas McCaskill

*Betsy McConnell
Tommy McCowan
Jimmy McGuirt
*Barbara McKenney
Carolyn McManus
Charles McManus
Harold Medlin
*Linda Melton
Fred Miller

*Rick Miller
Luther Millet
Mary Mills
Tony Mobley
*Brenda Moore
Grady Moree
Kenneth Moree
*Vann Mullis

*Butch Neal
*Tommy Nunnery


Mary Ann Ormand


*Don Parker
*Nancy Parker
Mike Parnell
Gary Pate

Sylvia Perry
Dallas Petty
Marion Pitmon
*Jeannie Pittman

Vivian Pittman
*Dolly Player
*Charles Plyler
Frankie Porter

Carole Ray
Ricky Ray
*Teresa Ray
*Rick Renner
Frances Reynolds
*Helen Richards
Pat Roberts

Wayne Robertson
Bart Robinson
*Craig Robinson
Patricia Robinson
*Peggy Robinson
*Rocky Robinson

*Betty Rogers
Geraline Rollings
Robert Rollings
*Geraldine Rollins
Sarah Rowell

*Judy Shehane
*Henry Shute
*Tony Simpson
*Elaine Sistare
*Mary Lou Smith
Russell Smith
*Dianne Snipes
*Jessie Snipes

Beth Sowell
*Jimmy Sowell
*Dean Stacks
Donnie Starnes
*Sharyn Starnes
*Terry Starnes
*Jennifer Starr
*Carlyle Steele

*Herman Steele
Rickey Steele
*Roger Steele
*Margie Steen
*Charles Stevens
*Mary Stroud
Marla Sullivan
Ralph Sullivan

*Marilynn Taylor
Linda Thomas
Sarah Thomas
*T. Carter Thomasson

Dianne Threatt
Margie Threatt
*David Tillman
*Will Tindal

John Truesdale
Lanny Turner

*Bob VanKeuren
Jerry Vaughn

*Mike Vick
*Shirley Victory

Sandra Vincent

*Gerald Warren
*Johnny Watts
Beverly White

*Alton Whitley
*Nancy Williams
Bonnie Wright

Gene Wright
*Susan Wright

John Yates
*Julius Yoder